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Welcome all to CloudedLeopards, a :new: deviantART community dedicated to the Clouded Leopard. Whether your a fan or are a proud Clouded Leopard furry, this is the place for you. As mentioned before, this is a fairly new club so please be patient ^^

The clubs created :O

Joining the club is fairly simple. If you wish to join simply send the club a note with the subject "Join". Easy, right?

Seeing how this is a club for Clouded Leopards, we, of course, only accept Clouded Leopard-related art. This includes both artwork and photos. Please, only submit your own pictures.

To submit a picture to the club, note us with the URL to the image. Also, you can send a desired description if you'd like.

Livejournal Users:
We have a Livejournal community! So, if your a member of both the club and livejournal, be sure to join.…


Admin- :iconsendiri:

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